G-II (2 Years Programmes)

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Drafting Civil

Draftsman, also called drafters, perform some of the same tasks as architects and often work with architects. Draftsman, like architects, prepare CAD drawings. However, drafting can be applied to many other areas besides constructions and architecture. Drafting can be used to create drawings of circuitry or mechanical designs. A draftsman’s CAD drawings include technical details and specification such as materials, dimensions and procedures. In addition to using CAD , draftsman also use calculators, tables and technical handbooks. This type of work a draftsman depends on his or her area of expertise.

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Auto & Diesel Mechanic

Skillful and trained persons play a vital role in the modern life because of technological development. The curriculum comprising of four semesters has been revised/ updated keeping in view the local job market demand and industrial requirements.

The curriculum has been revised by more focusing practical along with necessarily required theoretical knowledge.  It covers engine, power train, brakes, suspension system, steering system, driving, chassis system, battery, electrical electronics devices including the subject of technical drawing, technical mathematics, functional English & work ethics in order to produce a skillful & capable work force to meet the need of the job market.

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This course will allow trainees to install electrical wiring of buildings and appliances, diagnose, repair faults and install new electrical components.