Degree of Associate Engineering (DAE)

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DAE In Civil Technology

Civil engineers and technicians plans, designs & supervise construction of most facilities and systems that are essential to modern life in both public and sector. Civil engineering is one of the oldest and most diverse of the engineering disciplines. Civil engineering and its derived courses today and devising methods and designing facility to cope with many of our planet’s most serious problems. Faced with polluted air, decaying cities, road way bridges, crowded airports and highways, pollutes streams, river and lakes, the technicians and engineers are being challenged to design solutions that are workable and cost effective.

The department enjoys the support of well-equipped drawing hall, CAD laboratory, material testing lab and modern surveying lab.

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DAE In Electrical Technology

Since the last 100 years, the field of electrical engineering has contributed greatly towards various innovations and inventions. Its direct influence on other fields of science, engineering and human civilization as a whole cannot be ignored. In fact, many developments and inventions in other fields of engineering are directly related to electrical engineering.

Whether its power generation, telecommunication or IT , electricity is the main “fuel” that power these technologies and upon which the global economy is so dependent. The field of electrical engineering and its subsidiary fields like electronics engineering have contributed immensely towards the economic uplift of countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


DAE In Mechanical Technology

The knowledge of mechanical engineering is used to build useful products and devices for the society. This can range from device as small as a catheter injected into human body to fax machine or printer to modern jet engine to as large as power for a major city. Mechanical engineering encompasses the generation, conversion, transmission and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy. This included the design, construction and operation of all kind of Mechanical and thermal devices and systems of all engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering offers the greatest breadth, flexibility and individuality. Indeed, the courses offered by mechanical department is an ideal preparation for working and living in a technological world.

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DAE In Architecture Technology

Architecture influences every aspect of our built environment, from the design of energy efficient buildings to the integration of new buildings in sensitive contexts. Architects have sense of purpose and care about the environment and the people that live and work within. The architectural engineering industry is an attractive and lucrative industry, with engineers emphasizing on the design development, analysis, production, and testing of various architectural designs as well as layouts received from architects. Various architecture courses offer widespread computer training and a thorough consideration of efficient processes in buildings, construction and structures.

Being an architect is a creative, demanding and rewarding career involving technical skills and expert’s knowledge. Studying a diploma course in architecture is the first step in securing your career as professional architect.

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DAE In Electronics

The world of electronics is evolving so rapidly that the devices and techniques that are new today will be tales by the time you will complete your training. Because of relentless drive of technologies evolution, you need to understand the fundamental principles underlying the technologies change throughout your career.

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DAE In Computer Information Technology

Computer department was started to meet the challenges of information age. This department meets the demand of the new millennium and strives to help educate and train people so that they are prepared not only to contribute to further growth of It, but also to understand and fully enjoy the services and capabilities the are available. The course offers by computer department owes its emergence to the relentlessly growing demand pf professional and expertise in area of computer, communications and information processing technologies. It also aims to produce the trained manpower in the field of information technology.