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Mechanical Department

The knowledge of mechanical engineering is used to build useful products and devices for the society. This can range from a device as small as a catheter injected into human body to fax machine or printer to modern jet engine to as large as a power for a major city.

Mechanical engineering encompasses the generation, conversion, transmission and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy. This includes the design, construction and operation of all kinds of mechanical and thermal devices and systems of all engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering offers the greatest breadth, flexibility and individuality. Indeed the courses offered by mechanical department is an ideal preparation for working and living in a technological world.


The Mechanical Department offers the following courses:


The Mechanical section of CTTC is fully equipped with engine operated lathe machines, digital surface grinders, sharper machine and grinding machines.

Field Visit

Industrial visits are regularly arranged to broaden the horizon of the students and to appraise them with the Industry of Pakistan.

CAD & CNC Training

The Centre has an air conditioned CAD Lab with latest computers. The training on computer aided design software is part of the course offered by mechanical department.