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The 1 decade saw famine in Rajasthan that orphaned many children: their cries were heard by Miss Emma, an American Presbyterian Missionary. She was soon joined by Rev. Osborn Crowe. They together laid foundation of "Boys industrial Home" at Gujranwala with 50 children. The Centre initially offered skill of weaving on manually operated machines. nd The 2 decade saw introduction of skills of tailoring and shoemaking with children strength increasing to 150. Master Sant Masih was the first teacher in the shoemaking trade. He was also honored of being the first boarding master. He was joined by Master Sardar Masih later. rd thThe 3 and 4 decade saw introduction of carpentry skill. Master Karam Ilahi, Chario and his, brother Hamthio (MOGA Trained), Mr. Nathu LaII and Mr. Diwan Chand joined as teachers. In 1920 Maj. Frank Arthur Whitfield a Mechanical Engineer and his American wife joined and started teaching skills of auto mechanic. He trained Mr. William and made him the first instructor of the course while Sayyed Abbas Ali Shah and Mr. Inayat Kaesar chand was the later heads of the shop. Mr. John Mangee was another teacher in this department specializing in charging and repairing of Electric Storage battery. Soon afterward Mr. Charles C. Milson joined the team who also helped in additional building facilities at the Centre and at Christian Hospital Taxila and Rang Mahal High School at Lahore. In st19 38, the 1 powered Lathe Machine was installed. It was a source of big attraction for the local community and achievement in the history of the Home. Master James Rehmat Masih and Master Inayat Masih Bhatti also joined the


department (In 1972, Mr. James Rehmat Masih was martyred by police firing during anti nationalization demonstration at Rawalpindi). Blacksmith machine shops were also introduced that made an enormous impact in manufacturing capabilities of the Centre of Truss roofs, locks, Riffle racks. Master Mohan Lall, Mist, Mohan Lall were the first instructors in manufacturing section who later joined by Master Maula Buxsh. Printing of letter pads for the Centre was also started in 1939 with Master Patruss as its first teacher. Trades of spray painting and Welding departments were introduced in 1940-41 with Master Khan Masih as its first teacher. Teacher S.R Philip joined the Center after receiving training at Saharn Pur. Mist, Rehmat and Mr. Ibrahim Massey also worked in the blacksmith .shop in late 50s. Master Nathu Ram taught General Drawing to all departments and was assisted by Master Sardar Masih resident of Basti Dogran Gujranwala.