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Electrical Department

Since the last 100 years, the field of Electrical has contributed greatly towards various innovations and inventions. Its direct Influence on other fields of science, engineering and human civilization as a whole cannot be ignored. In fact, many developments and inventions in other fields of engineering are directly related to electrical engineering. Whether its Power Generation, Telecommunication or IT, electricity is the main `fuel" that power these technologies and upon which the global economy is so dependent. The field of electrical engineering and its subsidiary fields like electronics engineering have contributed immensely towards the economic uplift of countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


The Electrical Department offers the following courses:

Field Visits

Visits of various industries and research organizations are part of education and training. Both long and short visits are arranged for students that provides them with window of opportunity through which they get a chance to peak at actual technology and engineering at work. Practical Training The

Practical training

in the field of winding and repair of small household need more write up equipment which is part of the training.

CAD Training

The Centre has an Air conditioned CAD Lab with latest computers. The training on computer aided design software is part of the course offered by Electrical Department.