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Civil Department

Civil Engineers and technicians plan, design & supervise construction of most facilities and systems that are essential to modern life in both public and private sector. Civil engineering profession is one of the oldest and most diverse of the engineering disciplines. Civil Engineering and its derived courses today are devising methods and designing facility to cope with many of our planet's most serious problems. Faced with polluted air, decaying cities, road way and bridges, crowded airports and highways, polluted streams, river and lakes, the technicians and engineers are being challenged to design solutions that are workable and cost effective. The department enjoys the support of well equipped drawing hall, CAD laboratory, Material Testing Lab and modern surveying Lab.


The Civil department offers following course:

The admission for Diploma in Associate Engg (Civil) is open for male students only.

Practical Training

a. Site Supervision The training of site supervision is part of curriculum. The training includes excavation according to drawing and supervision of minor construction projects according to specification.

b. Surveying Practical training of surveying is a part of 2nd Year of diploma of Associate Engineering in addition to regular surveying and leveling classes. The training includes practical work on Digital theodolites, total stations and Auto set Levels.

c. CAD Training The Centre has an air conditioned CAD Lab with latest computers. The training on computer aided design software is part of the course offered by civil department.