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Message from Chairman




It is a very well recognized fact that engineering & technology is evolving very rapidly and has completely revolutionized public and private sectors like agriculture, industry, manufacturing and commerce.

In all fields of our economy, there is a critical need for technical education which enables people to apply state of the art knowledge to solve real world problems in an innovative manner. The 117 years service of the Christian Technical Training Centre in the field of Engineering & Technology is matchless. Our objective is to develop self-reliance, motivation, research and problem solving skills and captivate value technical education among our students. Moreover, we also focus on ethical, organizational and moral values.

As the need of the society increases, CTTC will continue to advance its programs to cater the needs of our young generation. With determination and focus, I look for continuous development of CTTC with our Chief Executive Secretary, Principal and valued staff. I wish a very good luck and bright future for all those who have endeavoured to explore new prospects of science and technology.



Engr. Naveed John

Bsc. Petroleum Engineering (U.E.T Lahore)