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Message from Chief Executive Secretary SCD



I really want to congratulate you for choosing Christian Technical Training Centre for making your professional career.

The unprecedented expansion in technical and vocational education has thrown up a host of attendant problems. With an expansion in educational institutes in general and technical education institutes in particular, there is a whole array of institutions from exceptionally good, to the woefully inadequate. Making the right choice of an institute is a singularly important aspect that will determine your future.

The Christian Technical Training Centre has a privilege of being one of ththe oldest institutions of Pakistan. The Centre is in 117th year of committed and faithful service. Since the date of establishment Centre has proved to be a concrete bridge between underprivileged rural people and elite urban dwellers. The Institute is embarking on its campaign for liaison with industries and agencies dealing with engineering projects and utilities. These efforts will undoubtedly widen scope for its students and improve their capacities for obtaining gainful employment after completing their courses. I hope and pray that you can join us and be part of this very exclusive fraternity. I look forward to welcoming you in Christian Technical Training Centre.


Engr. Joseph Robert

BSc.Electrical Engineering (U.E.T Lahore)

Chief Executive Secretary

Society for Community Development